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CO2 System DischargeThe agent of choice for thousands of applications over the past 80 years has been Co2.  Whether you have a very small hazard that will merely require a few High Pressure tanks, or a very large and complex hazard that will require a Low Pressure system with tons of agent, Getz is the correct choice for the job.

You should consider Co2 for these, and many other applications you might have:

- Gas Turbine Generators
Printing Presses
- Flammable Liquid Storage Areas
- Heat Treat Applications
- Flammable Liquid Dip or Spray Applications

Carbon Dioxide Low Pressure

As with all of Getz’s Special Hazard systems, we can properly service your system, as well.  We offer 24 hour service, 7 days a week, with system recharge capabilities that most others don’t have. This equates to the quickest possible response to your production needs.